Pratt’s Bananas select, import, ripen and deliver the very best fruit throughout the year.

We offer a range of bananas, pineapples and bananitos from conventionally grown to organic (Bananas) and Fairtrade (Bananas).

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Pratt’s Bananas

Banana FlowerDeliciously sweet to taste, reassuringly firm to touch and irresistibly soft to bite into, Pratt’s Bananas are a staple in every fruit bowl. We thought we’d let you know a bit more about Pratt’s bananas and provide you with some fascinating facts about this tasty fruit.

Did you know?

  • The banana is known as Musa X paradisiaca in the scientific community.
  • Available in plenty of shapes and sizes, the typical banana in the UK is of the Cavendish variety, as are Pratt’s bananas.
  • The banana plant is a herb which thrives in a tropical climate, with around 1,200mm of rain, lots of sun, an ideal temperature of 26⁰C and well drained soil. With these conditions, it will produce its fruit in clusters which in turn break down into the bunches of bananas we find on our supermarket shelves.
  • Beginning with a bulb or “rhizome”, a banana plant grows bananas on a stem, which takes around nine months to mature. Each plant only grows one stem at any one time.
  • Once the stem has been picked, a new one is chosen to develop from the base of the same plant. This can occur several times, so banana plants often live for up to thirty years and are referred to as “mother” plants.
  • Banana plants are classed as herbacious perennials, meaning that their stems and leaves retreat down to the soil at the end of each season and that they live for over two years.
  • To ensure the prefect level of ripeness, Pratt’s bananas are harvested whilst they are still green and ripened in our state of the art facilities.
  • Even once they’ve been cut down, bananas carry on producing heat as they ripen as they are turning starch into simple sugars. So, in addition to being checked, graded and divided into clusters once they’ve been picked, Pratt’s bananas are washed in cool water to make sure they don’t ripen too quickly.
  • Bananas must remain within a temperature controlled environment to ensure they don’t ripen too quickly. So, when we transport Pratt’s bananas to the UK we use temperature controlled containers and vehicles. Once they arrive in the country, they are taken to our premises in Luton.
  • Bananas turn from green to a brighter and brighter shade of yellow as they ripen, also becoming sweeter as this colour develops. Upon the arrival of Pratt’s bananas at our facility, our team of fruit ripeners begins the process of ripening them using a combination of human monitoring and the most advanced equipment to ensure they achieve the perfect balance.

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Banana Nutritional Information
S.H. Pratt & Co (Bananas) Ltd supply only Fair-trade bananas and organic bananas.

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