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Our Passion For Fruit

Here at SH Pratt Bananas we are passionate about providing the best quality fruit to our customers.  We make sure that every banana is the best it can be, from when it is cut from the tree to the moment it leaves our doors.  We take pride in training our staff to have the knowledge and understanding of a good banana. 

Over the years we have built strong relationships with our growers in South and Central America.  Ensuring that together we deliver outstanding fruit to our customers.  Our Procurement & technical team take regular trips to visit Banana farms to ensure that they are maintaining the quality checks, good working environment for their staff & good environment for the wildlife. 

We take pride in only dealing with fruit that is Rainforest Alliance Certified, this ensures that no farm is damaging the environment or the wildlife in and around their crops. 


Current weather in Guayaquil, Ecuador